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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monuments To Our Ancestors Revisited: The Pony Express

The weather has been great here in Sacramento in recent days, allowing for long lunch-time treks in search of exercise and sightings. Yesterday, a co-worker and I walked to the river, trekking past the city's monument to our Wild West ancestors who rode on the short-lived, historically-resonant Pony Express.

Sacramento was the end of the trail - or the beginning, depending on the direction - to and from St. Joseph, Missouri.  A year ago I wrote about loving monuments to our ancestors. These statues give a nice flavor to cities. Below is the monument in Old Sacramento. Cheers to 18 months of crossing the West at top speed with the mail. (Brings to mind that famous line from Seinfeld's Newman (the Postman) : "When you control the control Informattion)."

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